What makes our Air Fresheners different?

You're probably familiar with those goofy trees occasionally seen hanging from a rearview mirror, or the department store air fresheners that last for a few hours before tapering off into an awkward afterthought of a scent.

Our Potions are designed - when used as instructed - where the benefits last for up 30 days combined, meaning you get more out of less. As the top note of the pleasant scent of your choosing begins to taper off, the anti-microbial properties continue to fight odors for up to 2 weeks. Not only that, but their antimicrobial properties prevent mold and other harmful bacteria from lingering in the air or in the carpet.

What's more, most air fresheners will stain plastic trim & leather or remain in your carpet, introducing unnecessary moisture into the air and creating the very same conditions that cause poor odor in the first place. Our air fresheners dry completely clear and will evaporate quickly from carpet, leaving nothing behind but the refreshing scent of your choosing.

3 Simple Steps for Fresher Air and Charmed Passengers.

We may call them potions and the results may be magical, but you need not be a wizard to restore a fresh and clean scent to your vehicle's interior.

Pharmaceutical and technical-grade blends of raw ingredients get to work in attacking bacteria & microbes to eliminate foul odors.

You can even use them in your home or office (we do)!